Decorative Low Back Windsor Chair

"Best Low" or "Decorative Low Back" Windsor Armchair, made in beautifully grained yew wood, with an elm seat. Most often made by the Allsop family of Worksop (we have a lovely example in stock with the Allsop stencil under the seat), but also made by John and Elizabeth Gabbitass, as well as Joseph Godfrey, of Worksop. The best quality chairs have six piercings in the top splat, and three in the bottom. A complicated leg turning is used, terminating in hoof feet, whilst at the end of the arms there is a little cut out, known as the "knuckle underarm". As a single example of high quality chairmaking, this is a terrific example; however I do have a few others made by the same maker, which would build into a very rare set.

Worksop, circa 1840-50.

Height 35.5 inches.

Ref 26


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