A Fine Set of Four Yew Wood Low Back Windsor Armchairs (two shown), bearing the stencilled label for Isaac Allsop, Worksop (fl. 1841-1871)

Probably the finest of all the Nottinghamshire Windsor armchairs. The very intricately shaped and pierced back splats (7 piercings to the top splat and 3 to the bottom splat), are found on Allsop’s “best” chairs. This intricate work matches well with the complicated arm support and leg turnings, which these chairs contain. It is also worth noting the “knuckle” finish to the end of the arms.

All the chairs are in perfect condition and are of an outstanding yew wood colour, with beautifully grained elm seats. 

Worksop, Nottinghamshire, circa 1845.

Height 35.5 inches.

Ref 719


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