A George II Oak Table Cabinet

A magnificently proportioned George II oak table cabinet. A wide overhanging cornice sits above a door with a beautifully shaped panel which is crossbanded in mahogany to match the single drawer below. The interior is fitted with eleven spice drawers around a central arched niche, in which a mortar would have been kept. The wide waist moulding gives tremendous presence to this cupboard, suggesting it would have been used in a dining room, rather than a kitchen. Not only has the oak been lovingly polished to achieve a fine patina, but so have the original brass escutcheon and handle. The iron strap hinges are also original. 

English, probably Lancashire (shape and mahogany crossbanding would suggest this), circa 1730-1740.

Width 20.5 inches, depth 11 inches, height 29.75 inches.

Ref 491


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