A Group of Early 16th Century Flemish Brass Candlesticks

Known as “knop sticks”, due to the discoid decoration on the shafts, these rare and unusual candleholders have either one, two, three, four or five knops, the hardest to find being the five knop, and also the one knop. They are always cast in two pieces, the base and the drip pan cast in a single piece, and the shaft and socket inserted and peened over inside the base. The candlestick is then finished on a very primitive treadle lathe.

Five knop – Ref 820, height 11½ inches.
Four knop – Ref 683, height 10¾ inches.
Three knop – Ref 821, height 9⅝ inches.
Two knop – Ref 822, height 7⅜ inches.

Flemish, circa 1500.



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